2020, time to quilt

Block one and more to come.

The designs are by Moda Blockhead3 a group on Facebook. I will be using Halloween fabrics I have collected over the years. This will be fun!

Six blocks completed and more to sew!

What a year so far. First so much rain there was flooding all around us. Now the heat and humidity is burning us up. We have hit 100F way too often. My black dog Roxie passed away from cancer, it was a hard loss for us. She was like a child to us. She had just gone into her 11th year.

Here we are nearly through summer and it has been such a hot one. It was hard to keep up with my flowers and vegetable gardens. My hens made it through the summer, they produce lovely eggs!

January 2020

Back to the 20s’, when dress hems first came up and girls hair went short also!

Beginning the flag

Flag completed for my sister!

I have not been doing much, I did refinish a dining table and painted a large flag.

Sanding table

I have added 2 new dogs and one new cat to our family, they are rescues. So we now have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 hens! A full family indeed!


Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year!

Each days brings me surprises!

Caught the little one!
After bath!

A very hot windy day. 97F here and I am ready for Autumn. I found a kitten in my greenhouse that a feral cat had left there. Gave her a bath and flea treatment. She is very pretty. Will get her tame and take care of her, she needs lots of love. Named her Freckles.

Up early yesterday morning and sitting in the kitchen with the girls(our dogs). Had a shake go through the house that nearly shook me out of my chair! Earthquake! The girls jumped up and went wild barking. We were all surprised. I have not felt anything like that since I lived in California. Wow, what a rush!🙀😸 Did anyone else here in Kansas feel it?

My Fur babies

Roxie and her sister, Hudi. It was a sad day for all.

Witches Hat and a new BOM for 2019

Garden Sunshine BOM 2019 logo

Happy Halloween


Redecorating is tireing

My home was built in 1920, she is showing her age in some rooms. I am 66 and completely understand how she feels! I will be renovating the dining room over the next few weeks. I have stripped the wallpaper off and washed the four walls twice now. Tonight I woke up with my back hurting terribly. My muscles are screaming in pain and I will be up for awhile for them to calm down. Maybe I will relax a couple of days before starting in again. I need to repair cracks and the weak spots in the plaster. I enjoy doing these things myself, but my body says this time we are a bit older and it is rebelling!

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